Review your restaurant on the search for the perfect burger

Good, bad, awesome or so despairingly awful you’re in therapy from an evening out: let us know, and thanks to the web, let everyone else know too. Submit your review and we'll post it here on the burger blog. Comments are unmoderated, but posts but remember to be polite to other contributors and keep on topic. Try to write over 50 words and include the name of the restaurant in the title. Copy and paste the scale below to share your ratings and include the full address of the restaurant.
If you’re the owner or working at a restaurant then comments can be submitted as long as you make your role clear. If you’re trying to disguise who you are and rig your reviews then when it’s discovered we’ll point this out, and that (along with comments from readers) is likely to leave a pretty poor taste in everyone’s mouth. So be yourself, be honest, and be involved.
Here’s a simple scale to rate any restaurant…
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