Pan Pacific, Orchard Road, Singapore

Burger guide Pan Pacific Singapore
Say "hotel chain" to a burger-lover, and you'll get a raised eyebrow at least. The world over, the hotel industry is a consistent under-performer if you're on the quest for a satisfying burger. So that's why the Pan Pacific in Orchard Road stood out - and it passed the test with flying colours and a side order of mayo. Here's why... Juicy burgers, Wagu beef, cooked any way you like - and being that Singapore is one of the foodie hubs of the world, chefs here are in fierce battle. Add to that a mix and match option of toppings (4 included in the price, yes, 4!), and you'll get a sense that this is no microwave-from-the-fridge endeavour. Quality bacon, good avocados, properly prepared eggs, and a crunchy chips that had been healthily dried. The Pan Pacific's kitchen boast a stack of local food competition awards, in case you're unlucky enough to have mates who don't share your burger obsession, then the buffets are worth a special visit. We saw lots of folks enjoying themselves, and they're great value for sure - but when it comes to burger-worship, how could you even think of a buffet.

  • Burgers: 7.5/10
  • Chips & Dips: 8/10 and good quality mayo    
  • Ambience: 6/10 - this is the only let down as it's still a hotel restaurant 
  • Value: 7/10 (Singapore isn't on the backpacker trail so nothing outside Chinatown will come in at 9+)