Fine Burger Company

Fulham Broadway, London

With the promise of a much greater choice then your average burger bar, and a good flame grill sizzling in sight, it’s easy to hope for too much here. FBC is another me-too following in the footsteps of GBK, but manages to fall short. The ingredients are there, but just not with the attention to detail to pull it off: great flame grill – but the rare burgers came in ‘blue’, lazily turned, barely singed on one side (and the meat not good enough for a steak tartar by a long way); good baps with generous doses of grain showed the buyers were trying hard – but served very cold on the underside and no attempt to properly toast them (classic for mass production straight-from-the-fridge set ups); tomato relish so mass produced and cheap it’s really worth skipping. That said, the kids’ mini burger selections looked fun and a cool way to make an adventure out of a burger, the wine selection was surprising, and the range of lamb and chicken burgers is refreshing. The ‘breadless burger’ came up trumps with a good salad and oil if you asked. Overall? Many of the right ingredients, but sloppily executed leaving us sure to head over the way to Nando’s the next time we needed a protein fix before the movies. Like a bright kid at school who can’t be bothered to get off the couch: ‘C- …underperforming, wasting, could try harder.‘

Burgers: 3.5/10
Chips & Dips: 5/10
Ambience: 4/10
Value: 3.5/10