More than fast food?

Burgers have a pretty poor image because it’s hard to untangle them from the words ‘fast food’. Good food is really hard to do ‘fast’; sure, you can flip a fillet steak for a minute either side on a hot grill and it’s great, but ‘fast’ normally means ‘cheap’ and ‘cheap’ normally means poor quality, and poor quality means you don’t want to go there! So ponder this: 30 years ago the British Sausage had a deserved reputation for being ‘cheap’ - remember they contained more other stuff than meat (a pretty sorry state of affairs for a meat product)? But then came the gourmet sausage with everything from high pheasant and wild boar to apple and blackberries. It may be a while before we’re having a ‘Angus Big Mac with Port & Stilton sauce’, but we can’t help think someone’s missing a trick.